Creme Bar

Perform a diagnostic test of the condition of your skin and prepare your skin cream according to an individual formula.


Human skin has unique needs that must be met. Can the ready-creams from store shelves be able to meet these demands? How to find the right cream for you?

Creme Bar is an innovative design that allows the selection of cream to your skin type and its problems. How is that possible?

Come and examine your skin using professional equipment, test cosmetics or skin description. We will diagnose your skin type, its problems and needs. Then you will be offered a cream base (made of neutral pharmaceutical substances) and active components (designed to reduce the present problems and skin imperfections), which your skin requires. Ultimately it is you, under the supervision of a specialist, who will choose which components will be in your cream and what would be its properties. Your skin, cultivated in the most appropriate way, will get what it actually needs.

Like the structure of the skin, creams by Beauty Cosmetics have a membrane structure, so that they interact with the outer layer of the skin, allowing penetration of the desired substance to its deeper layers. In addition, membrane creams combine with an outer layer of the skin and seal the gaps formed therein, thereby delaying the effect of water loss from the body and slowing the effects of skin aging.

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