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Eau de parfum - 4 you

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head note: lemon, apple, pear, Violet leaves. 

heart note: rose, lotus flower, freesia.

base note: sandal tree, plum, raspberry, musk.

Extremely subtle fragrance with a delicate dose of feminine passion, emphasizing each of the female senses. Thanks to fresh fruit you will stimulate energy, white flowers, you will emphasize your femininity, the base of the fragrance rich in sandalwood and musk will make you feel sexy.

Curiosity - How does a sandalwood smell?

It spreads vibrating warmth, sweetness, energy and a light spicy note around. It is a very long-lasting fragrance that calms you down while filling you with optimism.
Sandal oil is obtained by distilling the roots and core of the tree after drying and pulverizing the wood (from 1 kg, you get just 9 g of oil).
Perfumers, producers of cosmetics, including natural ones, bring sandalwood oil from the plants of the Indian district of Mysore, which is the largest producer of extract from this valuable plant.

Alcohol denat, Aqua, Parfum, Linalool, Alpha-iso-Methyionone, Citronnellol, Benzyl salicylate, CI16255, CI19140, CI28440

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