ABIL B 88184

a substance to dry hair care that nourishes them.


facilitates cosmetic application


it rebuilds hair structure, improves combing, gives a pleasant feeling to the touch, gives shineness to hair, has an anti-static effect, improves the feel on the skin


- the product of concrete treatment (alcohol extraction, filtration and evaporation of alcohol). It is usually dark-colored of high-strength of smell, for example, absolute of jasmine, tuberose, rose, violet leaves. It is the essence of pure essential oils, and therefore it has an extremely powerful odor that develops slowly and is more durable, and its aroma creates a different bunch than the concrete of the same material. Some natural absolutes cost even 300 zł per 5 ml. They are added only to the fragrances from the top shelf.

Resin - are derived from essential oils in the process of oxidation with oxygen from the air, this process occurs spontaneously or after cutting a plant. They usually occur in the form of connections with rubber, mucus and essential oils. They are very rarely used in perfumery in the unprocessed form. They are semi-products in the process of distillation or extraction.

After Shave Balm

Recommended for men with sensitive face skin. After Shave Balm moisturizes the skin, gently refreshing and disinfecting it. Prevents inflammation and allergies.


a derivative of urea, found naturally in comfrey, whose leaves are used in accordance with the folk tradition as a healing poultice for cuts, swelling and minor wounds. A small amount of allantoin also occurs naturally in our bodies. It is a component of a relieving, anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect, but it reduces redness and irritation of the skin, acts moisturizing, softens and smooths the cuticle, protects against external factors and also has anti-free properties. It accelerates cell regeneration, which promotes wound healing. It shows keratolytic activity (removes dead horny skin cells), but also anti-acne.


in the wild it is a plant that occurs in South Africa and India. Aloe is used as a herbal plant. The most widely used product with aloe is clear thick gel obtained from the middle part of the leaf. Between the gel and the skin there is a layer of cells that contain bitter yellow juice. After drying the juice, aloe latex is obtained. Aloe vera has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect and it increases blood supply to the skin, accelerates healing, moisturizes the skin and removes the cracks. Due to the moisturizing effect, aloe vera pulp is used as the primary agent in the production of many types of moisturizing creams.


(fr. ambre) AMBRA - waxy, gray-brown secretion of the digestive tract of a sperm whale. It is excreted in the form of a shameless lump, which is then crushed and diluted. The formed suspension is thus shaken in special machines for several months. Only after this time the created substance may be used in the manufacture of perfumes. Ambra is a valuable resource because it is used only in the compositions of the highest quality fragrances. Its aroma resembles a sharp smell of horse sweat mixed with seafood. It is an excellent fixative of odors.

Anti Age

The concept has been adopted and popularized by institute of aesthetic medicine in the United States. The name’s meaning includes: a series of aesthetic treatments, proper diet, exercise, and the use of cosmetics allowing to improve health and stop the visible skin aging. Anti-Aging is a perfect way to stop aging and to feel young at any age. For some it is health that matters, for other – beautiful skin without wrinkles. Anti-Aging offers a wide variety of rejuvenating methods so everyone will have something to choose from.


Wolne rodniki są wyjątkowo groźne dla skóry i jej młodego wyglądu. Namnażają się m.in. pod wpływem działania temperatury, promieniowania UV, palenia papierosów czy stresu. Składnikami, które skutecznie radzą sobie z tym niezwykle groźnym wrogiem, są antyoksydanty, które podzielić można na: - zamiatacze rodników (witamina E), które zatrzymują szkodliwy proces i - środki redukujące, które chronią właściwą substancję. Komórki organizmu potrafią redukować i neutralizować szkodliwe substancje poprzez odpowiednią gospodarkę magazynowania antyoksydantami. Brak równowagi pomiędzy działaniem wolnych rodników i antyoksydantów prowadzi do powstania stresu oksydacyjnego, w rezultacie którego funkcje naprawy i odtrucia zostają ograniczone. W efekcie komórka potrzebuje więcej energii, aby stabilizować funkcję membran oraz chronić proteiny przed oksydacją i uszkodzeniem DNA. Te trzy czynniki odgrywają kluczową rolę w procesie starzenia.

Application Test

A test conducted on a group of 20 to 30 people. Manufacturers of cosmetics, for commercial and advertising purposes, base their actions on subjective assessment of cosmetic users. Such application-utility test is not mandatory for the introduction of cosmetics into the market in terms of dermatological safety.


is obtained from the pulp of ripe fruit, cold pressed or refined. It contains a complex of vitamins A, B, D, E, lecithin and mineral salts. It is used as an additive in cosmetics for dry, mature and sensitive skin. It is smoothing, softening, moisturizing and regenerative. It has no irritation or sensitization effect. It inhibits the growth of bacteria making it a valuable component of acne fighting formulas. Avocado oil is also a natural UV-A and UV-B filter.


includes oils which are the basic fragrance background. They are intense aromas, adding depth to the fragrances, while being released at the slowest rate. Fixers are also added to the base scents, they are substances that make the fragrance last longer. These scents can last on the skin for an exceptionally long time, over a dozen or several dozen hours. They stabilize, strengthen and help to maintain the fragrance energy.

Blood circulation

human circulatory system consists of blood vessels, capillaries and the heart. Blood is the primary carrier of nutrients necessary for proper functioning of the body. It also purifies the cells of unneeded substances.


it is used as fertilizer, impregnating agent for wood, mild disinfectant. It is very weak acid. Formerly it was used as a food preservative, but its addition to food products was discontinued because it is harmful to the human body.It is astringent, antiseptic and slightly acidifying to the skin.


Brewery yeast extract contains a protein fraction, B group vitamins, biotin and phosphorus with magnesium and calcium minerals and trace elements. Brewery yeast is good for the skin condition. Yeast provides the skin with many substances needed for its cellular renewal.Polar nature of proteins allows the binding of water molecules in the skin. B vitamins improve metabolism and are involved in cell respiration. Minerals and trace elements contained in yeast restore the skin's natural balance, and B6 vitamin controls the secretion of seborrheic substances through the skin.


a plant product, obtained from the seeds of perennials (annual plant in Poland) - castor bean by cold oil pressing and boiling with water. It is thick liquid, colorless or pale yellow. It thickens when placed in the air, but does not harden. It is used as an additive for fuels, lubricants, paints and varnishes. It is also used in medicine as a purgative. In cosmetics it is used as a conditioner for dry hair. It helps rebuilding brittle and falling out eyelashes and eyebrows, but also nails and the skin around them. It is a frequent component of the so-called home-made conditioners.


(castoreum) KASTOREUM - an oily and shiny perfume substance, secreted by internal glands of the European and Canadian beaver. It is used for oiling fur of animals and for marking its territory. Acquisition of this secretion takes place without harming animals. The aromatic component of this substance is mainly castoramine. It is used in perfumery to "generalize" a smell. Castoreum is obtained by the extraction of these secretions, and by macerating the dried glands, in which the secretion is formed. Castoreum solutions, like ambergris, are scent fixatives in perfume and are added to soaps and powders. It gives an animal warm note, similar to leather, it is a component of the family of oriental and male perfume.


CYWET - an extract from dried glands secreting pheromones derived from several mammals of the subfamily of Viverrinae called civets. It is possible to remove the gland by operating it what would protect the animal against death, but the high price of this product induced people to specially breed animals for this purpose. Animals are reared in very cramped cages and to increase the amount of glandular secretion, they are constantly teased. Civet is secreted by males and females. Within a year one can obtain about 250 g of civet from one animal. It is a substance of yellow color and the consistency of butter. It has a characteristic animal smell: very intense, spicy, sweet, similar to musk, or a mixture of urine and honey. It is used in perfumery as a fixative (Fiksator) of odors.


The cleanser, due to its delicate consistency, does not irritate the eyes when washing off makeup. This is an important element of every woman’s make-up bag. Because a usual tonic or gel face may contain substance irritating not only to the skin but to the eyes as well, body care cream should be applies to the most sensitive areas. It is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, so it is recommended for all skin types.Does not dry the area around the, so facial wrinkles do not become visible.


foaming agent

Coenzyme Q10

An organic chemical compound present in cells responsible for energy production in the body. It accelerates biochemical reactions, improves heart function and helps in weight loss.It provides the body with a lot of energy and helps in fighting harmful pathogens. Like collagen, coenzyme Q10 is produced naturally by the body until we are 25 years old, at which point its level drops so we have to deliver it to the body externally. Q10 is a powerful antioxidant strengthening blood vessels.


The name is another term for fibrous proteins, commonly occurring in the human body and animals.This natural protein is responsible for skin elasticity and flexibility, and for its regeneration.Natural collagen is produced by the skinuntil we turn 25 years of age, as we get older, the skin loses its elasticity because of the gradual disappearance of this protein. Collagen also participates in vital functions of all systems and tissues of the body.Deficiency of collagen in the skin results in accelerated aging of the skin, its dryness and matte shade.


- an extract obtained from fresh plant materials by the extraction with anhydrous solvent and evaporation of the solvent. Concretes are often obtained from plant materials when receiving oil by steam distillation is difficult or impossible. Due to the presence of waxes, which "hold" the smell, concretes have very persistent odors. The quality and efficiency depends on the specifics of substances, as well as the techniques of extraction and solvents used. Concretes are semi-products for the preparation of absolutes.

Cosmetic products

A group of products for daily skin care. There are several groups of cosmetics: protective, moisturizing, beautifying, cleansing, for women and men. Depending on skin type, age or gender, a cosmetic product should be adapted to individual customer needs.

Cosmetics on a plane

The content of hand luggage on an airplane has been highly limited, so when packing up for a journey, we should carefully consider what we are going to take on board of a plane. Passenger luggage can contain all kinds of cosmetics of different capacities, so cosmetics of high capacity and the ones we are going to really need should be taken. Only cosmetics that do not exceed 100ml in a separate container can be packed into passenger luggage.



Before buying any face cream, we should first get to know what kind of face skin we have. Not every cream is suitable for dry or sensitive skin, so this knowledge is crucial for the choice. There are many anti-wrinkle creams or moisturizers on the market. Their respective components are moisturizing, lightening or photoprotective. The ingredient of night and day creams are also different.


it cleanses, tones, whitens the skin, has an astringent, bleaching and smoothing effect, it is often a component of creams for people with oily or mixed skin. Cucumber is known for its refreshingand cooling properties, so it is added to gels, bath lotions, face and eye masks. Not only it absorbs excess sebum, but it gently moisturizes and brightens the complexion, it can also lighten slight discoloration of the skin. It makes wrinkles less visible, and the skin is healthier and shiny.


Panthenol, due to its stimulating properties of cell division that accelerate skin cell regeneration and reduce water loss through the epidermis, is usually a component ofmitigating, soothing and moisturizing products. It is very quickly absorbed into the skin, hair and nails to prevent excessive loss of water from the body.D-panthenol vitamin is well tolerated, does not cause allergies and does not irritate, which makes it suitable even for sensitive skin. D-Panthenol improves the lipid barrier of the epidermis, and makes the skin soft and supple. It has soothing and calming properties.

Dermatological test

compulsory testing of cosmetics' manufacturers who want to bring their products into the market. The test is carried out under the supervision of a specialist dermatologist, with participation of volunteers. It involves application the cream to the skin. Any potential undesired side effects and the way the cosmetics affect the skin are examined. The test is a basic dermatological research tool of cosmetics.


Active compounds of all cleaning agents, such as: washing powder, washing-up liquid or shampoo. Detergent is a very broad term, because, depending on the area and type of contamination, they have different properties and effects.


it facilitates distribution of the preparation, makes a pleasant, non-oily impression. It creates a film on the skin, which is impervious to water and sustainable in a large temperature range. It cleans the skin, removes stains caused by fatty compounds and does not impede gas exchange of the skin.

Dimethicone 350

emulsifier, stabilizer and an active ingredient. It has polishing properties, so it is often is used in hair products.It also exhibits moisturizing, softening, smoothing and protective qualities. Because of it the cream does not “whiten”. It makes the cream waterproof.Most often used in creams for hands and feet.

Distilled water

Water disposed of mineral salts and other polluting substances by means of distillation. It is used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other preparations requiring the use of highly purified water.

Eau de parfum

This is cosmetic fragrance containing 10 to 15% of essential oils. Currently, it is a basic cosmetic perfume used by women and men. A well-chosen scent reflects the mood, age and personality of a given person. To maintain a longer effect on the skin, it should be applied in places where blood pulsates. Inadvisable to use it directly on uranium.

Eau de toilette

This is the fragrance composition of essential oils in a solution of ethyl alcohol. The concentration of oils is lower than inEau de Parfum, about 5 to 10%, so the effect of fragrance on the skin is significantly shorter.


a mild detergent


a mild detergent


(essentials oil, huile essentielle) - a liquid, volatile perfume substance obtained from plant materials (flowers, leaves, roots, herbs, wood, bark, etc.) by steam or water distillation, distilled or extruded dry. The aqueous solution after the water distillation is called aromatic water (rose, lavender). Essential oils are the most important and the largest group of plant fragrance. They are used, along with other flavorings, i.e. in perfumery (e.g. perfumes, cologne). Essential oils or the whole plants are also used as spices, therapeutic agents (herbal medicine) and in aromatherapy.

Foot cream

Refreshes, regenerates and hydrates the skin of the feet. To enhance the effect of hydration, it should be thoroughly massaged using circular motions. The cream will be absorbed into the skin and feet will be additionally relaxed. We should remember that there are stimulating the nerve bundles on the feet, which server as relays of stimuli to individual areas of the body, that’s why their stimulating massage adds energy not only to the feet.

Free radicals

molecules formed in the body during the oxidation process. Free radicals act destructively on cell membranes, collagen and elastin, thus accelerating the process of skin aging. Living in constant stress, poor diet, exposure to sunlight and pollution contribute to formation of free radicals in the body. Where the quantity of free radicals is greater than what the body can fight alone, the natural biochemical balance is upset. To fight off free radicals, antioxidants are recommended, among other things contained in vitamins A, C, E, coffee, tea or oatmeal.


as a good solvent of fats, it is used in the manufacture of creams, lipsticks and other cosmetic products. It is an important raw material for the synthesis of a wide variety of chemical compounds, including certain species of soaps. The main source of glycerol in the industry are vegetables and animal fats. It is also in some fruit and vegetables. It is antibacterial and it moisturizes and nourishes.


it contains vitamins A, E, C, group B vitamins, trace elements: K, Ca, Na, Mg, Fe, Zn, Sn, enzymes, organic acids, polysaccharides, proteins, peptides, Biostymina, simple sugars. These substances have the ability to penetrate into the skin, allowing for its nutrition, they also stimulate the cells to produce collagen, which influences smoothing out wrinkles. It improves microcirculation of blood due to the fact that it penetrates the skin 4 x faster than water, firms and smooths the skin, prevents skin aging, it is antibacterial, regenerates skin damaged with detergents, chlorinated water and frost. It has the ability to filter the sunlight. Keeps the skin moisturized and regulates the pH of the skin.


The acronym of Good Manufacturing Practice, which means a set of standards to be retained for industrial production, including cosmetics.GMP standards ensure high quality of production and used components, as well as quality control. They give the customer assurance of product quality.


oil obtained from seeds of vines. It actively moisturizes the skin and is effective in preventing excessive water loss. It soothes and protects the epidermis. It also smooths, firms and tones the skin, reduces the tendency to irritation. It is a rich source of vitamin E, which is one of the strongest antioxidants, and thus contributes to delayed effects of aging. It strengthens blood vessels.

Green tea

Green tea extract is often used as an ingredient in anti-aging, sunscreen and anti-cellulite creams. However, its properties allow the use of this ingredient in many other cosmetic preparations. Green tea extract contains polyphenols which hasthe ability to inhibit metalloproteinase, particularly collagenosis, the enzyme responsible for degradation of the structural components of collagen and vascular endothelium. Additionally, it contains vitamins A, B, K and P.

Hamamelis virginiana extract

Cosmetics containing extract of hamamelis virginiana are based on active substances. They improve and strengthen blood circulation of the skin, and are also antiradical and anti-wrinkling. Hamamelis virginiana, due to its natural origin, is suitable for all skin types. The extract of hamamelis virginiana is also added to creams for sensitive skin, allergic or prone to redness.


these are the oils we can smell in the initial composition, right after spraying. They are kind of a showcase of a given aroma because they’re the scent we can smell most intensely at the beginning. The aroma usually lasts for several minutes on the skin and then it relents. The scent is stimulating and refreshing. Mainly citrus oils are used here.


this scent includes oils, the scents of which give each presume its character. These are usually root and floral oils. They develop on the skin after a few minutes after spraying and cause merging of all fragrances, creating a unique bouquet of fragrance. The aroma lasts on the skin usually for up to four hours. This scent is equalizing, harmonizing and calming.


Organic substances produced by glands and tissues, coordinating the chemical processes occurring in cells. The most important glands are the thyroid, pituitary, hypothalamus, abrasion or female genitals. Excessive secretion or hormone deficiency leads to many diseases. The best known hormones are adrenaline (stress fighting hormone) and serotonin (a hormone that affects the nervous system).

Hyaluronic Acid

It is one of the most important components of our skin. It combines collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. It occurs as hygroscopic liquid with gel properties, which makes it a versatile and easily used carrier of other active substances.

The content of hyaluronic acid in the skin depends on age. Over 50% of its content in our body is located in the dermis. Its highest concentration is found in the skin of babies and with it decreases. This decrease is especially rapid passing 50 years of age. Also, due to UV radiation, hyaluronic acid is subject to photodegradation. Its ability to retain water leads to maintaining proper hydration of skin cells. Well-moisturized skin is better protected against damage and becomes more permeable for active substances.

Hydroveg VV

Vegetable moisturizing complex with a wide range of applications.It contains amino acids, urea, lactic acid and PCA (pyroglutamic acid). Protects skin against dryness and peeling, optimally hydrating it and maintaining water-lipid balance of the skin.Amino acids contained in the complex support the reconstruction and regeneration of skin cells. Urea penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, keeping the water in them, which gives it smoothness and elasticity.Cosmetics containing Hydroveg VV effectively complement and maintain the water content in the stratum corneum.


It is an acronym of International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. According to the law of the European Union, the composition of each product should be declared on every cosmetic product under the name of INCI.Signs on packages of substances are defined in English and Latin, by the names of plants. Paint colors are marked only with a number. Deciphering the signs of cosmetic ingredients isespecially important for people who are allergic or with sensitive skin, prone to irritation.


- light, non-greasy oil that lubricates and nourishes


Itis extracted from the seeds of Californian simmondsia. It's a mixture of liquid lipid esters. Jojoba oil is resistant to heat and oxidation. With its unique ability to humidify the skin, it is one of the best cosmetic components. It spreads well and leaves no greasy film on the skin. Its use in cosmetics is versatile. Cosmetics with oil delay water loss, improve skin elasticity. Oil does not cause an allergic reaction and is recommended for all skin types.


lipid globules ranging in size from 0.10 to 0.25 microns. They contain delicate active substances which transport active ingredients into the skin. Because of their structure, they easily penetrate the protein-lipid membrane, releasing active ingredients. Due to that fact the effect of liposomes’ activity is visible in a short time. Liposomes are very well tolerated by the skin, they do not cause irritation or allergic reaction. They reinforce the skin's surface, restoring the cohesion of the stratum corneum.

Lipomoist 2036

Protective film in a molecular form, which is an innovative delivery system of active substances to the skin cells.Molecular films, by creating a single layer structure on the surface of the skin, are characterized by a high penetration profile through the protective layer. Lipomoist 2036 is a peptide and saccharide composition of micro-particle plant construction, able to carry active ingredients into the deep layers of the skin. It increases tightness of the epidermis and develops a protective layer over it.


Calendula is an annual herb coming from the Mediterranean area. In Poland, it is grown for pharmaceutical purposes (a variety of dark-orange flowers) and as an ornamental plant. It has healing and regenerating effects. It nourishes rough, cracked, damaged by frostbite or burns skin. It cleans and softens the skin. It is also used in masks, milks, creams, toothpastes, shampoos and oil for dry, flaky and prone to infection, redness and cracking skin. The marginal marigold flowers are used to obtain dye which is later used in the food industry for coloring fats (margarine) and yellow cheese.


- alcohol with a sharp, penetrating odor of mint, used in mass production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Menthol is mainly isolated from peppermint and other mint species. It is one of the components of many essential oils of other plants. It works by cooling, a bit like an anesthetic, refreshing, disinfecting.


- a fragrant secretion of a muskrat's gland and Siberian roe deer. In the perfume industry people use synthetic equivalents of musk, for the protection of rare species of animals that secrete it. In a large concentration, the musk has an intense smell of ammonia. In the perfume industry it is dissolved in alcohol, thus gaining a warm, balsamic, animal aroma. It perfectly strengthens musk perfumes, and its intense smell shapes the final flavor of base notes to a large extent.

Myritol 331

it has care properties. It has the ability to dissolve sunscreen and shows an increase of UV filters absorption.


Capsules transporting active ingredients into the skin. Their advantage is the possibility of effective use of the substances contained in them in a particular location of the skin. Due to their construction and biological properties, they penetrate skin layers, gradually releasing their content. These types of components are also used to protect active ingredients from other components of cream or another cosmetic.They work very delicately, they exhibit very high affinity for skin cells, so their penetration is facilitated. The first substance used as a nanocarrier was liposome.


Cosmetic preservatives that protect cosmetics from emergence of harmful bacteria or fungi. They extend shelf life and protect against natural decomposition of vegetable ingredients in creams.The use of preservatives in creams is not advisable but at this moment unavoidable.Permissible concentration of parabens in the European Unioncountries is 0.4%. The use of parabens in acceptable doses does not cause toxic side effects, however, their use is debatable in the world of cosmetics.


For the skin to properly protect the body against viruses, microorganisms and bacteria, it should have an acidic pH of 4.5 to 6.2. Its value changes with age. Acidic secretions of skin glands give it a certain pH.If the acidic pH of the skin is disrupted, appearance of bacteria and fungi on the skin surface is possible. The best way to maintain its correct value is to use cosmetics with similar pH. Using cosmetics and alkaline substances can result in impaired skin protection.


a method of treatment that uses vegetable raw materials and products, and active substances extracted from them in order to achieve the desired therapeutic effect or for prophylaxis. It is the most extensive branch of natural medicine, as well as the oldest and most scientifically documented one.


- fragrant grease, containing natural fragrances derived from flowers by cold absorption in diffusion of fragrant flower components to fat (enfleurage), or by heat absorption of by etching or dipping flowers in hot fat, like tuberose pomade.


a chemical compound or mixture of compounds resulting in an extension of shelf life of food products. Their most important task is to prevent formation of fungi and viruses.


organic chemical compound from the 2-hydroxyethyl alcohol group. At room temperature is a colorless and odorless, oily liquid with a sweetish taste and high viscosity. Unlike ethylene glycol, propylene glycol is not toxic. Is widely used in food industry, chemical industry, in medicine and pharmacy. Due to its moisturizing, soothing, softening and oiling properties it is used in production of cosmetics. It is found in toothpastes, mouthwash liquids, detergents and preparations for hand hygiene. Is the main ingredient in deodorant sticks. Is also used as a fragrance carrier in massage and aroma oils.


chamomile is one of the most popular herbs, highly valued since antique times. At the time it was used to ease abdominal pain, for washing of eyes and wounds, and as anti-inflammatory drug.Extract from its head is used for the production of lotions, washes, masks, as well as toothpaste and bubble baths. Chamomile extract is rich in vitamin C that fights off free radicals - causes a delay of skin aging, as well as vitamin PP, strengthening blood vessels - resulting in improved skin appearance.Chamomile flowers contain essential oils, preventing irritation and allergies, even in infants – thus it is often used in childcare cosmetics. It has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antiseptic properties.


- a resin extract obtained by heat extraction of the non-aqueous non-polar solvent (petroleum ether, petrol, butane, acetone). After cooling and filtration of the insoluble components, total or partial distillation of the solvent used takes place. The performance and quality of resinoid depends on the quality of substances, production technology and the solvent used. Resinoids are used as smell fixatives of perfume.


Wyciąg z żywic otrzymywany przez ekstrakcję na gorąco, dokonywaną niewodnym rozpuszczalnikiem niepolarnym. Po schłodzeniu i odfiltrowaniu nierozpuszczalnych składników następuje częściowe lub całkowite oddestylowanie rozpuszczalnika.  Wydajność i jakość resinoidu zależy od użytego surowca, technologii produkcji oraz zastosowanego rozpuszczalnika. Resinoidy stosowane są np. jako utrwalacze zapachu wyrobów perfumeryjnych.


Used in cosmetics, it is a pure form of vitamin A.It is most commonly found in anti-wrinkle creams due to its characteristic stimulation of cell renewal process. As we get older, the skin becomes thinner and loses its ability to regenerate.Retinol helps to thicken epidermis and stimulates the process of its renewal. It works in the deeper layers of the epidermis, thanks to which the wrinkles are effectively filled from the inside and the skin is smoother and tighter.


the authentic oil is obtained solely by steam distillation of rose flowers.It has a dark brown thick liquid form, is very intense and lasting heart scent. It is one of the most valuable and most expensive essential oils in the world.Rose oil normalizes blood pressure, helps with chronic gastritis and enzyme deficiencies. It relieves headaches, nausea and states of body weakness. It exhibits calming properties, when used at bedtime, it relieves tension, stress and is a source of 'sweet dreams'. In cosmetics it is used for dry skin.It soothes irritations, smooths and improves flexibility. Regenerates the skin and has a rejuvenating effect. Normalizes the sebaceous glands and sweat glands. Reduces scars and stretch marks.

ROSEMARY(Rosmarinusofficinalis) EXTRACT

stimulates blood circulation, refreshing and disinfecting. It reduces muscle tension, relaxing and warming. Warming properties of rosemary have been used to treat rheumatism, arthritis, common cold, frostbite, as well as in neuralgia and muscle aching. Through improving blood circulation, rosemary contributes to better nutrition and oxygenation of the tissues of patients, faster removal of harmful metabolites from them, and their accelerated recovery. It also has antihistamine properties, reducing allergy symptoms.It is used in foot care creams, lotions, balms and other tonic, astringent and firming skin cosmetics.

Shea Butter

Moisturizes and nourishes the skin and delays wrinkles and aging of the skin.Restores its elasticity and smoothness, while normalizing the level of its hydration. It smooths out callused skin. Allantoin contained in the oil, soothes irritations and speeds upwound healing. Shea butter soothes any kind of skin. It is especially recommended for dry, slightly moistened skin, or with a tendency to cracking or oiling. Another advantage is a protective feature against UV rays, especially for dry skin, sensitive to the sun.

Shower Gel

Gentle body cleanser. The advantage of shower gel is its ability to soften hard water. It does not cause dying, so the skin is rough and tense after wiping. Gently foaming gel detaches dirt particles, and its pleasant smell remains on the skin, giving a feeling of refreshment.


The concentrate of lipids, cholesterol, free fatty acids and ceramides of various types. It makes for an ideal ingredient of cosmetic products with skin restoration, protective or anti-wrinkle abilities. It increases hydration and protection of the skin when using spot application. Complements the deficiency of ceramides in the skin, caused by the negative effects of detergents. Due to the fact it contains phytosphingosine, it increases the supply and exchange of lipids in the lipid barrier of the skin, stimulating it to produce them on its own.


Next to adnexa ((glands, hair and nails), it is part of the integumentary system of the body – a system of organs covering the entire body of vertebrates. The skin consists of three layers: epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Its main function is protection of the internal organs from the external environment.Protects against external germs and ensures proper thermoregulation of the body. Thanks to the skin, we can feel external stimuli, like touch, pain or heat. Neat and supple skin is our natural showcase, that is why its proper care is so important.

Softigen 767

the substance softens and oils the skin, mainly in preparations for washing the body and hair. It improves sensation on the skin. The skin is not dry, but covered with a protective layer.


Natural squalene is obtained from the European olives, and obtained as colorless, transparent oil. Chemically, squalene is a highly unstable compound, because it is easily decomposed and oxidized, and therefore a saturated form of squalene–squalane – is used in cosmetics. It is a light oil absorbing quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy film. As one of the elements of the natural serum secreted by the skin, causes its optimal hydration, prevents excessive water evaporation from the skin.It gives the skin softness and elasticity.Squalane is a hypoallergenic oil, recommended for people with very sensitive skin. Its light formula does not clog pores, and therefore can be used also for oily skin. Additionally, it minor damage to the skin and protects from sun rays.


Chemical compounds that are able to reduce the surface tension of liquids. They facilitate moistening of solid surfaces and combining them into a mixture of two immiscible liquids. In practice, they are used, among other things, in detergents, foaming agents or emulsifiers.


shows a preservative effect, softens hard water. It is used in cosmetic products of acidic and neutral pH.


- solution obtained by maceration of plant material in ethanol or a different solvent. In fragrance compositions just a few of them are used and they are mostly used in food flavorings. For example, vanilla tincture.


Chemicals absorbed by the human body from the external environment.Toxins are in the water, air or in food products, so their impact on the human body is significant. Particularly vulnerable are those living in big cities. Accumulated toxins in the body may cause disturbances in its functioning, or lead to serious diseases. The most common toxins are pesticides, dioxins and hydrocarbons. Unfortunately we are unable to fully defend ourselves against toxins, because the body absorbs them on its own. However, there are many, non-complicated methods of body purification. Just fifteen minutes session in a sauna,infusion of green tea or a short fasting cleansing.These methods will let the body naturally dispose of deposited toxins and return to normal functioning.


Preparations containing Trylagen effectively stimulate and control the growth of collagen fibers in the skin. This is a new measure of aiding aging skin. Trylagen has an effect on the newly formed collagen fiber, assuring its symmetrical growth and giving the effect of elasticity of the skin and increasing its tension. It is particularly recommended for aging, dry and sensitive skin. During the application of a cream containing trylagen, deep wrinkles get clearly shallower.


it makes you feel relaxed, calm, cozy and causes a feeling of well-being. It is even considered an aphrodisiac. It is an ingredient of oriental scent perfumes. It is often used in cosmetic industry due to its softening, moisturizing and toning properties. Vanilla-based cosmetics are very delicate and sensual. Vanilla essential oil is particularly effective inskin regeneration process, it prevents it from drying and aging.Moreover, vanilla has antipyretic properties, and vanilla tincture strengthens the heart muscle, cures depression.

Vitamin A

Also commonly known as retinol, it is a common component of creams because of its ability to stimulate and accelerate epidermal cell renewal.Vitamin A improves skin elasticity by reducing the synthesis of enzymes that cause degradation of collagen in the skin and acts as moisturizer.

Vitamin C

Well-chosen concentration of vitamin C in a cream beneficially affects the synthesis of collagen in the dermis, improving its elasticity and smoothness. Vitamin C is used in anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and lightening creams.Next to vitamin E, it is another natural antioxidant.Lack of vitamin C causes active effects of free radicals that destroy collagen and elastin, which is why its binding properties are an important factor in the inhibition of skin aging. It also has pigmentation properties, which prevents discoloration of the skin. Cosmetics containing vitamin C are recommended for all skin types, especially those with hyperpigmentation and first signs of aging.


a biological antioxidant for vitamins A and C, protects sensitive components against damage and cosmetic distribution, penetrates the skin well and nourishes it. It is built in the "cement" of the epidermis and intercellular membranes of cells, causing inhibition of aging processes. It improves skin hydration and elasticity, reduces the sensitivity to UV radiation. It is included in fat-soluble vitamins, but it also is a major antioxidant present in cells. This vitamin, alongside vitamin C, is the most popular in the cosmetic industry. It is present in almost all products - body care, facial hair. Due to the soothing and anti-inflammatory effect it is added to anti-acne creams. The presence of vitamin E in cosmetics has very beneficial effects on skin hydration by water retention in the epidermis.

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