Click... Why is it worth visiting us? The Idea of Info BC - provide conscious care experience

because here you will relax in a pleasant atmosphere of the waiting loge, where we will serve coffee and tea, and in the same time give you expert advice on proper care of your skin.

because you'll be able to use the care of an individual consultant, who will define your problems and needs for care of the skin (Info BC) and the selection of fragrance (Parfum Bar). In addition, you will get the opportunity to compose a face cream according to individual needs (Creme Bar).

you will be able to participate in free contests and sweepstakes that will give you a chance to win prizes and guarantee great fun and relaxation

You will get the opportunity to create a gift for your beloved ones, according to the needs of their skin, on any occasion, with the possibility of attach individual greeting cards and shipment tracking. The recipient, by using the cosmetics, every time, will have pleasant associations with your person (Positive association)

You will be able to benefit from the expertise dressed win modern technology - remember that it is the lack of knowledge which is the most common cause of errors in daily care

Almost unlimited choice of products, their often exotic-sounding names and fancy packaging make the customers have a growing…




Perform a diagnostic test of the condition of your skin and prepare your skin cream according to an individual formula.…

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