Individual care program

Almost unlimited choice of products, their often exotic-sounding names and fancy packaging make the customers have a growing dilemma:

  • Which will be the best for them
  • Does the price really reflect the quality of the product
  • How, in the daily pursuit of "something", provide the skin with ingredients that do not trigger allergies, stop the aging process, moisturize it and relax the whole body.

To quickly and professionally respond to these questions, Beauty Cosmetics will start 10 business centres in Poland, where professional staff in a pleasant atmosphere, will provide tips on proper skin care and help create an individual care program that guarantees:

  • Effective replenishment of substances
  • Reduced risk of allergies
  • Comprehensive skin care, providing daily protection against external influences and improving the health of the whole organism
  • Favourable prices, according to the principles of "fair price and high quality guaranteed" - the quality does not have to cost a lot
  • Harmonising course of all care stages: cleansing, moisturizing, regeneration, treatment and anti-aging vitamin
  • Luxury packaging and, if necessary, preparing a unique present for the beloved one, along with the possibility to attach a personal wish card

For those who will not find the time to visit Info BC, but would like to take advantage of the special offer of Beauty Cosmetics, created for her, for him, for a family or to travel, we recommend our web site, which will allow in a simple manner in homely atmosphere, quickly learn the knowledge, which usually requires reading many thick books and many hours of studying.

A unique "Compose your series" algorithm will allow creating an individual care program in 4 steps:http://bcosmetics.com/pl/Skomponuj-swoja-serie

We offer two cosmetic series:

1. Tre Colori - http://bcosmetics.com/pl/serie/2 - designed for young people and those who lead an active lifestyle


2. Unicorno http://bcosmetics.com/pl/serie/2 - for the "best ager" generation.

Composing your own series, you can be sure that regardless of the selected products, in accordance with the puzzle idea - the complementarity of substances, you will receive a comprehensive skin care. Each cosmetic inside a series was described in a clear way in terms of its values, purpose and composition.

We invite you to our shop and to try out comfortable shopping via the Internet. For regular customers we have prepared a loyalty program: http://bcosmetics.com/pl/register.

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