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Selected substances and materials

„Only the best”


The era of globalization opens up new, almost unlimited, possibilities in the availability of raw materials and substances. Therefore, while creating the highest quality cosmetics, we should remember that proper selection of ingredients is important and directly translates into the properties of the product itself. Experts from Beauty Cosmetics know that the optimum climate for growing oranges and rosemary is Morocco. Jasmine, tuberose and vanilla are the best when transported from India, spices from the exotic Thailand and Sumatra, while lavender and roses - from the sunny Bulgaria. It is the knowledge of the laws of nature that allow Beauty Cosmetics experts create unique cosmetics. 

Innovative formulations

The discovery of elements such as vitamin E, vitamin B1, hyaluronic acid, Q10 coenzyme, liposomes, or retinol revolutionized the world of cosmetics. However not everyone is aware of the fact that:

- Hyaluronic acid has properties that allow it to bond large amounts of water (up to 6 l in 1g). 1% of collagen protein and hyaluronic acid is enough to maintain the vitreous body of the eye, made up in 99% of water.

- After the age of 40, a human body is subjected to a loss of about 65% of the content of Q10 coenzyme.

- Italian scientists have discovered a new form of vitamin E, which source is kiwi fruit, not yet recognized as an important source of this substance.

- Retinol is the best known, studied and most effective cosmetic ingredient.

This kind of information is constantly changing the beauty industry. Knowledge-based economy allows the continuous search for new and better solutions and improve the techniques used. Technological innovation allows you us to use more innovative and intelligent means of care in cosmetology. One of them is collagen. It is the most important protein in the human body. It builds more than 30% of weight of the proteins in the human body and is a major component of the connective tissue. Collagen is a kind of foundation, which together with other elements of the dermis regulates its firmness and mechanical strength. In connection with elastin, it is also responsible for proper hydration. This is because individual components of collagen have very good water-binding capacity. Thus, the protein accumulates about 70% of water contained in the skin.

Professionals' analyses

Beauty Cosmetics products are regularly tested by independent institutions. The conducted dermatological analyses confirm beneficial changes that occur in all types of skin under the influence of the company's cosmetics. Application tests confirm their actual effectiveness. The analyses conducted by an independent medical cosmetic surgery in Warsaw show that these products are of high functionality. Therefore, cosmetics included in Unicorno and Tre Colori series are recommended for daily care of all skin types, both face and body. The germatological tests indicate also that they are hypoallergenic and do not cause irritation.

The highest standards

Beauty Cosmetics products meet the standards set by the European Union. This ensures the use of current knowledge and recent discoveries in the field of cosmetology while producing them. Compliance with GMP standards, certified by the need to register each activity, supports the highest standards used in their production. This preferably affects the speed and efficiency of resolving complaint processes.

Permanent control

Continuous monitoring of current trends and quality of cosmetics is a guarantee that the products by Beauty Cosmetics provide optimum care. Following the development of the modern world allows us to improve even the products which are ideal today. This allows us to continuously and simultaneously increase the demand and quality control. The aim of all activities of Beauty Cosmetics is to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers by providing them with products that meet the highest standards.

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