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Eau de Parfum 35 ml ♂ (MAN) Unicorno

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A head note - morninig

The components making up Unicorno scent in a unique way emphasize virility and strength. The first chord of the composition - note head - appears immediately after opening the perfume bottle. This is a business card, felt most intensely in the initial phase. The head note is dominated by extravagant scents, which combine wood - musky - flower aromas. Such a composition, applied in the morning, ensures a unique experience throughout the day.

A heart note – afternoon


Smell, going to the heart note, surprises with a unique combination of nutmeg and violet. The sharpness of the scent is a reflection of a strong, confident, and doomed to success man.

A base note – evening

The base note can be compared to the background in an image, posing a context and emphasizing the nature of the other elements. The aroma should be more intensive than those used in other fragrance tonnes. In Unicorno scent, the durability is ensured mainly by the combination of patchouli and vetiver.

Durability and modern design

The smell of Unicorno perfumed water remains on the skin for up to 12 hours. The durability is provided by high-quality essential oils. The carefully composed Unicorno smell interacts with the modern design packaging that is both an excellent protection against an unwanted, spontaneous spraying in your purse, and a mechanical damage due to the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Unicorno Perfumed water for men is decidedly a masculine and modern fragrance that combines extremes. The head and heart notes perfectly complement the background creating a warm, subtle refined composition. The aroma is distinct and recognizable from the first application, the highest quality of permumes.

Although men and women demand the same from perfumes, they evaluate them quite differently. Ladies stick to reality, while men look for realization of ideal. When a woman goes to a perfumery, she assess her life situation realistically. Almost always she knows what scents fit her age and how much she can spend on them. She also faithful to the image she wants to achieve with her choice of aroma.

In men it looks a bit different. The smell is closer to their idealized image of themselves. If any of them wants, for example, emanate dynamics, even if it is not this way, he reaches for perfumes suggesting good shape and strength. If, however, he sees himself as a sensitive partner and a father of a family, he will never choose perfumes called "Egoiste".

Alcohol Denat., Aqua, Parfum, Linalool, Coumarin, Limonene.

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